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 October 26, 2009:

Long term poll result:

BBC Horizon

The Six Billion Dollar Experiment.

Switching on the LHC

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will re-create the conditions present just after the big bang. Some scientists argue that during a ten year spell of operation there is a 1 in 50,000,000 chance that experiments ike the LHC could cause a catastrophe of epic proportions.

Either a Black Hole or a new type of matter known as ‘strangelets’ could form, destroying the planet. Or possibly the fabric of space could be ripped apart producing a truly cosmic cataclysm.

Given these odds do you think the LHC should be put on?

Is it worth the risk?

We should switch the LHC on:

34,2 %

We shouldn’t switch the LHC on:

65,8 %





Online Umfrage Kronen Zeitung

Drei Stichproben in 10 Tagen:


Bist du für einen CERN-Ausstieg?                    


Der Entschluss von Wissenschaftsminister Johannes Hahn, aus dem Europäischen Kernforschungszentrum (CERN) aussteigen zu wollen, wird von Bundeskanzler Werner Faymann und Niederösterreichs Landeshauptmann Erwin Pröll kritisiert. Wie stehst du zum CERN-Ausstieg? Wie die darüber denken, kannst du hier sehen.              


30.5.09 12:24

Ja!   59,5%

Nein!  29,8%

Weiß nicht! 10,7%


24.5.09, 20:48

Ja!   58,5%

Nein!  30,5%

Weiß nicht! 11,0%


21.5.09, 16:53

Ja! 55,3%

Nein! 32,9%

Weiß nicht! 11,8%

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Just like it’s the case with the Super-Collider, these are no interdisciplinary evaluations as well,

but internet-polls connected to the topic, with high participation:



AOL News

Poll Results

Is the gaint particle smasher worth the risk?







Total Votes: 4686


Date: November 5, 2008

NOTE: Poll results are not scientific and reflect the opinions of only those users who chose to participate. Poll results are not reflected in real time.



YouGov Poll:

Befürchten Sie negative Folgen für die Menschheit durch die Inbetriebnahme des Teilchenbeschleunigers in Genf?

(Do You expect negative consequences for mankind from the start up of the particle accelerator in Geneva?)


38% (251 Stimmen)   


54% (356 Stimmen)   

weiß nicht / keine Angabe

9% (58 Stimmen)   

Gesamte Stimmen: 665


Date: November 5, 2008




Was halten Sie vom neuen Teilchen-Beschleuniger-Experiment am Genfer CERN?


Notwendige Grundlagenforschung.            46.0% (207)


Gefährlich da unberechenbar.                     26.9% (121)


Geldverschwendung.                                    22.4% (101)


Keine Ahnung.                                                 4.7% (21)


Antworten total:                                                       450




Umfrage zur Ausgabe 38/08



Comment from Scott Cook
Time March 29, 2010 at 3:09 pm

I as a member of the public and a keen follower of science have been excited about the LCH at Cern. I love the thought of understanding how it all began, why we are here and how it all works. And also believe that progress is for the good of humanity, but only if it is not at the risk of humanity. The concerns on the risks of LHC are for public concern, we should be made fully aware of the facts or possible consequences of the experiments taking place. If there is 100% proof that micro black holes will evaporate and strangelets will decay if formed and any other significant risk will not materialise then this proof should be made clear to the public before these experiments go any further. It appears that there are arguments to the contrary, if this is the case then the onus must be on Cern to produce this proof with all certainty. I am in full support of lhc-concern and believe that it is in our interest to ensure that the public have knowledge of the possible risks and a thorough risk assessment is done by the international community.

Professor Otto E Rosslers interview


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